Our founding partners are values driven academic leaders committed to your success. Together with our team of associates, we bring years of experience as faculty members, deans, directors, and provosts, as well as, leaders in government, STEM, and private industry. Our goal is to help you create the environment that maximizes the skills of your community and allows you and your community to achieve success.  We champion best practices in ethical and inclusive decision-making and celebrate the combined successes of the those we serve.  We help you envision and implement the changes needed to reach your goals.

Values-Based Academic Leadership in Times of Crisis

Special S4HE Panels and Workshops

in October and November 2020

Our Next Values-Based

Academic Leadership Institute

 scheduled for October 2020 at Massachusetts Institute of Technology will be going virtual in 2021 - check back for details!

S4HE Values-Based

Academic Leadership




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