Institute Schedule

Day 1: October 18, 2019

Morning Session Workshops: The Values-Based Academic Leader (VBAL)


In our opening session, we explore a series of questions, including the following: What does it mean to be a VBAL? What are the characteristics and motivations of a VBAL? How does the style of a VBAL differ from other leadership styles in the academy? As a VBAL, how do you respond to those who choose to be disruptive to the community, and what are some of the strategies you can use to work with difficult individuals and resolve conflict?


Afternoon Session Workshops: Knowing Your Leadership Characteristics and Values


Starting with creating your values inventory, we explore the elements of a successful and fulfilling career. We focus on the balance between doing and accomplishing your academic goal without losing personal passion and what makes you feel fulfilled. We explore keeping your career on track while successfully maneuvering the dynamic academic system around you. In this session, we begin to develop the elements of your Career Development Plan.


Day 2: October 19, 2019

Morning Session Workshops: Effective Strategies & Tools


Human communication, connecting to the needs of one’s constituents, and understanding what motivates people are key leadership elements espoused by a VBAL. We utilize case studies on contemporary topics to exemplify transparency, negotiation skills, and working with community partners. As a leader, you will explore how best you can leverage resources, both financial and human, that are available to you.


Afternoon Session Workshops: Next Steps for You as a Values-Based Academic Leader


The first 100 days in a new position are critical for setting the stage for your accomplishments. We will discuss strategies to build your leadership team and working with university partners, alumni, and friends. We conclude the Institute by coaching you on your Career Development Plan and your Three-Minute Elevator Pitch.